What I do & About to do

DJ7L is a man of many talents. He’s left-handed, a PC user, a self-proclaimed neat freak and a lover of fine denim. But at heart, he is, like any other good DJ, the ultimate music nerd. He’s been one ever since he copped a Gemini Starter Kit-2 belt-driven turntables and a flash form mixer-out of an early copy of The Source in the summer of 1989 and proceeded to lock himself in his room for days at a time practicing. He’s been one since his love for 80′s MTV stars such as Blondie and Talking Heads as a kid gave way to his life-long love of Hip Hop after hearing Doug E Fresh & Slick Ricks 1985 anthem “The Show”. And when he took the bus into Boston on weekends (from the suburb of Peabody Ma) to spend hours trolling through landmark records stores like Strawberries & Skippy Whites, it wasn’t with a future paycheck in mind.

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You can catch DJ7L and DJ BraunDraper at various clubs in boston as the BladeRunners. Check the schedule link to find up and coming events and what city they might be in next.

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